Electrical Power System

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Power Plant Engineering

Power plant generates electricity from various sources like hydraulic, thermal, gas, solar, wind etc. In steam power plants the feed water is converted to steam by exchanging the heat from various sources. The converted steam is used to drive the turbine which intern rotates electrical generator and produces electricity. In hydraulic power plants, the water in the dam is diverted to hydraulic turbines which turns the generator and produces electricity. Theses plants works at peak load. In wind power plant, the wind turbines are driven by the high velocity wind which generates electricity.    

Power Plant


Electrical Power system

Electricity is the hear of the on growing industrial sector. The electricity generated at power plants are transferred to the industries and household purposes. The major components of electrical system are Electrical Gr]generator, Electrical motor, Electrical transformer, Distribution system and circuit breaks etc.

Electrical System

Electrical Theory Quiz

Take online free practice tests on electrical components and basic electrical theory tests. This includes resistor, capacitor, electrical transformer, electrical motor,  electrical generator, circuit breaker, electrical fuse etc. Each test contains 10 to 15 objective questions with solutions for each question.

Electrical Theory Quiz